Darkfall has six races. By default, all races are aligned with one another. You may enter other races NPC cities and territories without fear of being attacked. If you attack blue aligned players and your alignment drops negitive, you will be attacked by guard towers upon entering NPC cities.

Each race has it's particular melee reach, hitbox/character model size, appearance, racial skills, racial craftable weapons and mounts.
Racial skills are different between Darkfall: Rise of Agon and Darkfall: New Dawn.

Races (click on picture for a map showing NPC cities and racial zones)


Doggo Capital City
AboutRed Moon
Racial Mount: Tribeland Bear
Racial Weapon: GhostClaw (One Handed Sword)
Racial Skills:
Mahirim Huntspeed:Increases movement speed while running(not sprinting) and strafing.
Mahirim Endurance: stamina bonus up to +15
Mahirim Reflexes: 1.5 natural protection to melee and archery
Mahirims are the tallest and biggest race, wich gives them the longest melee reach


Orkorkork Capital City
AboutFlaming Skull
Racial Mount: Death Pig
Racial Weapon: Aldaruk (Two-Handed Axe)
Racial Skills:
Orkish Brutality: Increases damage of all melee weapons by up to 2.5 points.
Orkish Toughness: Increases Maximum HP by up to 10
Orkish Capacity: Increases maximum carry weight by up to 15
Orks are the second largest race and live on the North-East of Agon


Racial Mount: Eradan
Racial Weapon: Sunbow (Bow)
Racial Skills:
Mirdain Sight: Increases greatly Identification range.
Mirdain Insight: Increases Stamina by up to 15 points
Mirdain Precision: Increases damage of all bows by 2.5 points.
Mirdain settlements are situated on the western part of Agon


Hooman Capital City
Racial Mount: Horse
Racial Weapon: Lightbringer (Two-Handed Sword)
Racial Skills:
Human Ingenuity: Increases the duration of foods by up to 50%.
Human Willpower: Increases Mana by up to 10 points.
Human Longevity: Increases the duration of buffs and debuffs.
Human settlements are situated on the eastern part of Agon


Dorf Capital City
AboutYmir's Tear
Racial Mount: Garmir
Racial Weapon: Ildhammer (Two-handed Club)
Racial Skills:
Dwarven Perseverance: Usable ability that reduces stamina used in combat.
Dwarven Steelmaster: Increases the durability of melee weapons and armors.
Dwarven Durability: Increases Maximum Health by up to 10 points.
Dwarven settlements are situated on the northen part of Agon


Alfar Capital City
Racial Mount: Shulgan Drake
Racial Weapon: Ilshard (Polearm)
Racial Skills:
Alfar Cunning: Increases maximum Mana by up to 15 points.
Alfar Resilience: Decreases magical damage received by 1.5 points.
Alfar Intellect: Increases durability on crafted staves.
Alfars are the smallest race. They live on the southern part of Agon