Races (click on picture for detailed version)

Each race has it's particular melee reach, hitbox/character model size, appearance, racial skills, racial craftable weapons and mounts.
Racial skills are different between Darkfall: Rise of Agon and Darkfall: New Dawn.


Doggo Capital City
AboutRed Moon
Racial Mount: Tribeland Bear
Racial Weapon: GhostClaw (One Handed Sword)
Racial Skills:
Mahirim Huntspeed:Increases movement speed while running(not sprinting) and strafing.
Mahirim Endurance: stamina bonus up to +15
Mahirim Reflexes: 1.5 natural protection to melee and archery
Mahirims are the tallest and biggest race, wich gives them the longest melee reach


Orkorkork Capital City
AboutFlaming Skull
Racial Mount: Death Pig
Racial Weapon: Aldaruk (Two-Handed Axe)
Racial Skills:
Orkish Brutality: Increases damage of all melee weapons by up to 2.5 points.
Orkish Toughness: Increases Maximum HP by up to 10
Orkish Capacity: Increases maximum carry weight by up to 15
Orks are the second largest race and live on the North-East of Agon


Racial Mount: Eradan
Racial Weapon: Sunbow (Bow)
Racial Skills:
Mirdain Sight: Increases greatly Identification range.
Mirdain Insight: Increases Stamina by up to 15 points
Mirdain Precision: Increases damage of all bows by 2.5 points.
Mirdain settlements are situated on the western part of Agon


Hooman Capital City
Racial Mount: Horse
Racial Weapon: Lightbringer (Two-Handed Sword)
Racial Skills:
Human Ingenuity: Increases the duration of foods by up to 50%.
Human Willpower: Increases Mana by up to 10 points.
Human Longevity: Increases the duration of buffs and debuffs.
Human settlements are situated on the eastern part of Agon


Dorf Capital City
AboutYmir's Tear
Racial Mount: Garmir
Racial Weapon: Ildhammer (Two-handed Club)
Racial Skills:
Dwarven Perseverance: Usable ability that reduces stamina used in combat.
Dwarven Steelmaster: Increases the durability of melee weapons and armors.
Dwarven Durability: Increases Maximum Health by up to 10 points.
Dwarven settlements are situated on the northen part of Agon


Alfar Capital City
Racial Mount: Shulgan Drake
Racial Weapon: Ilshard (Polearm)
Racial Skills:
Alfar Cunning: Increases maximum Mana by up to 15 points.
Alfar Resilience: Decreases magical damage received by 1.5 points.
Alfar Intellect: Increases durability on crafted staves.
Alfars are the smallest race. They live on the southern part of Agon