General Combat Mechanics

The combat mechanics used in Darkfall are similar to the one used in the single-player game Mount & Blade. Ranged combat (using either ranged weapons or magic) is done in first person perspective, while combat with melee weapons is done in third person perspective. This experience varies between races due to the fact that each race and gener is a different size and has a different reach. For example, Mahirim is the tallest race and therefore has the long reach in melee. Their height also means that to properly hit small races such as the Alfar, they must look down slightly as they swing. The larger races also have larger hitboxes to make up for their advantages in size. Orcs and Mahirim are much easier to hit than Alfar or Elves. Each race will have a different feel due to its combination of height, hitbox size and racial abilities.

There is no auto-attack feature-- all attacks and movements are manually controlled by the player in real time. Every spell, arrow, healing ray, buff, debuff and sword swing must be aimed in real time. This sort of combat rewards hand eye coordination, dexterity and situational awareness. Keeping track of allies, healing, attacking, keeping your stats up and moving around must all be managed in real time.

Friendly fire is also always enabled. You can accidently attack allies or inadvertently heal opponents!


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There are three stats related to combat in Darkfall. These are Health, Stamina and Mana. These stat values can be increased by increasing your attributes.

As you fight, your stats will decrease from doing various activities. Sprinting, taking damage, casting spells, jumping, shooting arrows. Throughout combat, whether in PvE or PvP, you must carefully manage your stats. See yourself running low on health? Cast Stamina to Health? Running out of mana after casting all those spells? Casting Health to Mana.

Alternatively, you can regain stats through Alchemy or Cooking


Health is your character's life. When it falls below zero, you fall to the ground and must be helped up by an ally to continue. If no one comes to your aid, you will die and respawn at the closest bind point. Alternatively, you can be "ganked" and killed by another player while lying on the ground. There are several healing spells that you can use on yourself to better manage this stat. Heal self, Stamina to Health and Witches Brew.

There are several spells that can be used to assist allies in regenerating their health. These Heal Other, Sacrifice, Healing Chant and Lay on Hands.Witches Brew  also has a small AoE that be used to heal people surrounding you.


Stamina is your character's ability to perform physical tasks. Running, sprinting, archery, melee and jumping all consume stamina. Once your stamina runs out, you will not be able to do these activites until it recharges. There are several spells that can be reused to regain stamina. These are Mana to Stamina and Stamina Drain. Although Stamina Drain can only be used on another player. Once you run out of stamina, you will be unable to perform these physical tasks.


Mana is the energy your character uses to cast spells. All forms of magic will drain mana. You can give allies mana by using Lend Mana. You can regain your own mana by using Health to Mana transfer, by drinking potions, eating food or resting.



In Agon, magic is a powerful combat and support tool. You can use it to smite your enemies or protect your allies. In Darkfall, there are ten schools of magic to be unlocked.

  • Lesser Magic    (Character begins with)
  • Greater Magic   (Requires 50 Lesser magic)
  • Fire Magic          (Requires 50 Greater Magic)
  • Earth Magic       (Requires 50 Greater Magic)
  • Water Magic      (Requires 50 Greater Magic)
  • Air Magic            (Requires 50 Greater Magic)
  • Witchcraft           (Requires 25 Greater Magic)
  • Necromancy      (Requires 50 Witcraft)
  • Spell Chanting   (Requires 25 Greater Magic)
  • Arcane Magic    (Requires 50 spell chanting)

You can purchase these spell schools and the magic within them from Mages in Capital Cities, or in player owned cities.

You cast spells by using different reagents. Reagents can be found from mobs, through gathering or purchased from the Arcanist in a city. The six reagents are.

  • Mandrake
  • Ash
  • Nacre
  • Resin
  • Bone


In Darkfall, there are a wide range of spells that can increase your protections or agument your abilities. Casting these buffs before you enter a combat situation is of critical importance. As you skill up and unlock more schools of magic, you'll have access to an increasing variety of different kinds of buffs. Using the correct buffs before entering combat can shift the tide of the battle to your favor. Taking a moment to cast your buffs before entering combat is always wise.


Weapons stats

WeaponsDaggersSwordsMaces and ClubsAxesGreatswordsGreatclubsGreataxesPolearmsSithras


Racial Reach





Mounts speed

MountHealthResistanceMovement SpeedSprint SpeedSprint Duration
Bluetail Runner ??  4:00
Racial Mounts400??  2:00
Battlehorn ??  1:00


Racial Skills

RaceRacial SkillRacial SkillRacial Skill
Alfar111  111 

Village Rewards